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Click here for information about the Coronavirus vaccination.

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Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has worked closely with Muslim Doctors Cymru and a number of General Practitioners from the Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities to produce a series of nine short videos to support people in making an informed choice about the Covid-19 vaccination.

These videos cover a range of topics such as when and how the vaccine will be received, safety, efficacy, underlying health conditions, ingredients, importance of getting the vaccine and what to do after getting the vaccine. Click here to watch.

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Support your mental wellbeing

Feeling down or anxious?

Extra help for your mental wellbeing is available across Wales, online and over the phone. These resources are safe, free, and you don’t need a referral, so take a look and see what can help you today. Take a look at this leaflet Support Your Mental Wellbeing


You will no doubt be aware of the growing numbers of people in the community who are recovering from COVID-19 and require ongoing support managing a range of symptoms including lasting fatigue, persistent pain and breathlessness.

Cardiff and Vale UHB has introduced Keeping Me Well, a new online rehabilitation resource featuring a range of information and advice that people can access to manage elements of their own rehabilitation.

The website includes resources specific to COVID-19 rehabilitation, including information about dealing with various symptoms related to the disease, advice to support people’s physical and mental recovery from it, videos demonstrating exercises and techniques that people can follow to support their recovery, and links to comprehensive information provided by various reputable organisations.

There are also resources for people who have been less directly affected by COVID-19, including prehab advice for those whose treatment may have been delayed as a result of the pandemic, and public health rehabilitation information that everybody can follow to benefit their health and help keep themselves well. It is intended that this will remain our rehabilitation resource for the longer term, extending beyond the pandemic period.



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Date published: 26th October, 2020
Date last updated: 10th August, 2021